Learn How Canva can Grow Your Business

in this FREE mini course!

In this free mini course, you’ll learn how to make:
templates, a website, business cards, PDFs, printables, and SO MUCH MORE. All for FREE!

If you’re a small business owner, you want to create graphic designs with ease, have beautiful social media content, and you want to save time, then you already know that

this FREE Canva Mini Course is for you!

In this free Canva Mini Course you learn how to use Canva.com to create quality designs that are on brand.

Have you seen others creating beautiful Instagram Stories?

Have you wanted to make must-have PDF cheat sheets or printables?

Want to create an opt-in that is attention grabbing?

Then you are in the right place, my friend. You can create beautiful designs that leave customers wanting more!

By the end of this program,

you'll know how to…


  • Find a Template in Canva That's Exactly What You Need

    Canva.com has thousands of templates that come in the dimensions you need. Start from scratch or use one of their customizable templates.
  • Customize Colors and Fonts for your Designs

    Use Canva's color templates and font matchings to make professional looking designs or use your own custom colors and fonts.
  • Learn how to Create a Website with Canva

    No more needing to design a website the hard way. You don't even need to pay for a web host! It couldn't be easier to make your own website with Canva.
  • Download Your Own Photos or use Stock Photos

    Learn shortcuts to bring in your own photos or choose from one of Canva's thousands of beautiful stock photos for your designs.
  • Create Social Media Posts with Ease

    Use Canva to create stunning and easy Pinterest posts, Instagram posts and Stories, Reels, Blog Posts and more!

I've spent years learning graphic design and Canva is by far the easiest tool out there. And it's FREE! Let me teach you how to use this free website to grow your business.


Elizabeth Chappell | Quilters Candy

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Here is an example of how Canva can create many things, including a cover for a podcast.

- Podcast Cover


Using Canva you can create Facebook Ads like this one, that was successful in bringing in hundreds of new customers. 

- Facebook Ad


Use Canva to create Instagram stories, reels, or posts - in SECONDS!

- Instagram Story


When you enroll in this free course,

you’ll get:


  • 4 Modules

    Module 1 - Discovering Canva's free templates and fonts.
    Module 2 - Importing and using Stock Photos
    Module 3 - Adding Elements
    Module 4 - Saving your Files

  • Learn How To Create Stunning Graphics With Ease 

    You'll know how to create everything graphic design based, including opt-ins, patterns, and more!
  • Confidence With Your Designs

    With Canva, you can feel confident that your designs look professional.

  • Save Money

    Canva is a FREE website! You can create all you need without spending a cent.

Plus These Bonuses 


Create a Website


Learn how you can use Canva to create your website. 


Finding Custom Colors for Canva


Discover an amazing feature that Canva offers to grab colors from photos and use them in your designs.

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