Design Your Own Quilt Patterns


with a free mini course and a free platform!

It's never been easier to write your own quilt patterns!

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You want to write quilt patterns . . . 

But things got in the way:

  • Fear of learning new software.
  • Cost of software.
  • Not having the courage to start.
  • Not knowing how to start.
  • Feeling lost and alone, and no one sharing how they write their patterns.

Not any more! This FREE mini course puts all your hesitations aside.

LIMITED TIME ACCESS - Once you sign up, you will have access to the course for 3 weeks only. Be sure to login and use the course before the 3 weeks is over.


Video tutorials teach you how to use a user-friendly website.


Both the mini course AND the platform to create your patterns ( are FREE!

It's Time

No more dreaming - start doing!

Your Teacher
Elizabeth Chappell of Quilters Candy

As a published author, quilt pattern designer, and fabric designer, I have spent years learning how to write quilt patterns. There's a lot of tricky and expensive software, and it can feel overwhelming figuring out how to start writing quilt patterns.

I created an EASY WAY for you to start creating your own quilt patterns.  This mini course will show you that YOU CAN DO THIS! And trust me, THIS IS THE EASIEST WAY to start creating your own quilt patterns!


PS - I am sharing the platform and process I used to create one of my best selling patterns, my 'Front Porch' quilt pattern!

Please note, this course is a LIMITED TIME ACCESS course. You will have access to the course for 3 weeks, and then the course content will be gone. So be sure to use the course during the 3 weeks!


FREE Quilt Pattern Writing mini Course -


Learn to create your own beautiful quilt patterns in a SIMPLE, FREE, and EASY way!

NOTE: You will have 3 weeks to access the course, then the course content will be gone.